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2016 Junior Results

Round Score Goal Scorers / Player of the Match
1 Gala Day n/a
2 Hammondville 69
Casula 0
Oscar x4, Harrison C x2, Harry x2, Isabella x1 and Jarrod x1
7 Hammondville 58
Liverpool West Blue 6
Teagan Parish
8 Hammondville 8
Liverpool West 37
Harry Lindbom
9 Hammondville 45
Wattle Grove 11
Oscar Lindbom


Junior Highlights

What an amazing start to the season.  You all played with such enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  In defence we marked our players and in attack we made sure we were using our eyes and kicking to open players. Don't forget training on Tuesday lunch.

POM: Oscar – Fantastic work in both defence and attack today.  You supported your team and encouraged to new players.



2016 Senior Results

Round Score Goal Scorers / Player of the Match
1 Gala Day n/a
2 Hammondville 48
Casula 8
Bailey x2, Nga x1, Lachlan L x1, Madeline H x1, Shanice T x1 and Ella x1 
7 Hammondville 44
Liverpool West Blue 8
Ngatokowaru Hepi 
8 Hammondville 17
Liverpool West 40
Deja Barlow
9 Wattle Grove 73
Hammondville 3
Luke Galway


Senior Highlights

Round 2

An amazing start to the season also.  With a few new players into the team, we all supported and encouraged each other and we performed well as a team.  Don't forget training Thursday lunch.

POM: Shanice – Wow! What a first game EVER!! Well done Shanice, you had a smile on your face the whole game. 

Thank you to both teams for respecting each other and myself by sitting down and supporting each other.  You all deserve a huge pat on the back this week.


AFL Gala Day

Well done to all Hammondville PSSA AFL players 2016.  You all displayed exemplary behaviour and awesome ‘Have a Go' attitudes.  I'm sure you all learnt a lot from the day, Mrs Hansell certainly did!

Please don't forget training at lunch (after eating time), meeting under the COLA area. Please be prompt as time is limited.

Juniors – Tuesday

Senior – Thursday

Also a reminder for parents, if you know in advance that your child will be away for any of the remaining Fridays Term 1, could you please let me know.

Looking forward to the start of the season!

Mrs Hansell