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About the P&C
The Hammondville P&C is the core connection between the school and the parents and carers of students attending the school. The aim of the P&C is to address the needs of the school community in conjunction with the school. We invite all parents and carers to keep in touch and become involved in the Community. You can join a committee, attend P&C meetings, volunteer in the canteen, help out with a project or fundraising event, or simply stay in touch by reading the latest news.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage an inviting, open and inclusive 

community. We actively participate in relevant discussions that 

enhance a cooperative  partnership between the school and the families of

Hammondville Public School students.

We support fundraising initiatives throughout the school year and 

invest those funds into opportunities that are academically, socially,

emotionally and physically beneficial for the children.


President - Sarah Williamson

Vice President - Vicky James & Scott Hamilton

Secretary - Lisa Dening

Treasurer - Kristen Kenny


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