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Who is Gilbert?

Pte Teddy Gilbert is a very special bear who joined our Hammondville family some years ago. No sooner had he arrived than he was deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months. He wrote to us as often as he could, entertaining us with stories of his adventures and those of his fellow soldiers. He was able to send us some photographs and on his return we watched a dvd which gave us just a little insight into life as a soldier on active duty. Since then, Gilbert has deployed to the Solomon Islands and then he returned to Afghanistan.  When he is here at Hammondville Public School, Gilbert keeps busy visiting classrooms, going on excursions and Camp, attending sports carnivals and can often be spotted working in the canteen, hanging out in the library, having morning tea with the ladies in the Office or  lounging around in Mrs Ford's office. It isn't all hard work for Gilbert though. He loves to go on holidays. He loved the Theme Parks on the Gold Coast, and has recently returned from an exciting trip to Japan! You can find out more about what our cheeky bear has been up to by checking out the photos below, or looking for his photos in the library.

Gilbert's most important job is to spend time with the students who have a mum or dad serving our country far from home. He listens to their worries and gives the very best bear hugs ever!

Gilbert at Book Fair
  Gilbert at Book Fair

Catafalque Party
  Anzac Ceremony

Anzac Party  Anzac Party

gilbert   Gilbert




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