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Road safety

Hammondville Public School welcomes safe road users.

The main entrance to the school is located on Walder Road which has a speed limit of 40 km/hr within the area of the school zone. This speed limit applies in the mornings (8:00 AM - 9:30 AM) and afternoons (2:30 - 4:00 PM) on all school days.

The school grounds are reserved for the use of school staff.  

The pedestrian crossing is located between the school and the shopping centre on Walder Road. Please drive carefully when in and around this zone - especially in the mornings and afternoons when pedestrians are about.

There is an additional gated school entrance/exit that leads to Watson Street at the western end of the school. The kerbside area that is outside the exit gate forms part of a  cul-de-sac area of roadway that is designated as a 'No Parking' zone. Always remember you can stop for less than 2 minutes of you stay within 3m of your vehicle, if you're dropping off or picking up passengers. A vehicle is not permitted to stop at all if an area is signposted as 'No Stopping'.

Please support the school and minimise risk by obeying the road rules. Double parking, standing in bus zones or near corners can reduce visibility - which increases the risk of an accident.

When picking up or setting down children near the school, always ensure that they use the passenger side (preferably the rear door) to enter or exit the vehicle. This avoids them stepping out into traffic flow. It is also important to teach good habits in terms of seatbelt use.

When escorting very young students to school,  hold their hand when walking near roadways as children can sometimes behave unpredictably. Please use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road with your child. Children should always be encouraged to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before crossing a road.

Students are permitted to ride bicycles and scooters to school provided they wear an approved helmet and park their bicycles and scooters in the school bike area near the office.

All NSW schools teach road safety as part of the school curriculum. We know that you will join us in helping to create a safe and happy environment on and near our roads.

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