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Learning Support

The following social stories may help explain Coronavirus to your child in a way they can relate to and understand. Please look over them first to see which story may fit your child's needs best.

1. "Hello My Name is Coronavirus" by Manuela Molina - @MINDHEART.KIDS explores your child's feelings, explains how the virus is transmitted and what we can do to stop it spreading.

2. "Coronavirus Social Story" creeated by @inclusioncollab contains photos of children and explains what the virus is, how we may feel if we contract it, what we can do to keep ourselves safe and encourages children to talk to someone is they are worried.

3. "My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus" by Carol Gray contains relatable photos and is a more detailed account of the virus, how it is spread and measures we are using to stay safe.


The Department of Education has put out a resource for all families and community members who may require support during COVID-19. The document includes phone numbers to use in teh event of an emergency or incident, mental health support services and contacts, websites for additional information and a list of free apps which can be downloaded to support your child.