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Girls Soccer

2016 Girls Soccer Results


Round Junior A Junior B Senior
1 Hammondville 6
Holsworthy 0
Hammondville 4
Holsworthy 0
Hammondville 6 *
Holsworthy 0
2 Hammondville 4
Dalmeny B 0
Dalmeny B 4
Hammondville 0
Hammondville 6 *
Dalmeny B 0

* Mercy rule implemented



Round 3 v Chipping Norton - Match Reports

Jnr B's Match Report

WOM – Jessica H

A slow first half with majority of the game played bunched up the middle of the pitch.  With a half time talk about spreading out and using the whole field, the girls displayed a much better attacking game.  Well done to all of you for listening and putting it into action!


Jnr A's Match Report

WOM – Jordyn P

Well done girls on a good game.  Just remember to stay connected and think about your positions.  Crossing over in front of each other creates gaps and allows the opposition the space to run.  Great game Jordyn, you listened and responded to instructions throughout the game.


Seniors Match Report

WOM – Madeline VB

Hard to play well against an opposition that finds it hard to keep their shape.  A good effort by you all.  Most importantly you listened to coaching throughout the whole game and responded on the pitch.  We moved you around today (positions) which made you all think about your game. Well done to Madeline VB who listened to coaching and quickly responded.

Thank you once again, Mr Stajcic.  The girls and Ms Hansell appreciate you support towards the team.









Hammondville 6 – 0 Holsworthy    ** Mercy rule implemented early in the second half and the goals were capped at a difference of 6. (Final score was 11-0)

WOM – Maeve

What a difference a day makes or should I say, what a difference an opposition makes. A good game by all 13 of you today, such a great game to watch.  With you all listening, remembering and responding to coaching, you kept the opposition at nil and the ball in our half majority of the game.  WOM to Maeve who worked tirelessly throughout the game, listened to and responded to coaching and to top it off scored a cracker of a goal off a Lily A cross. 

A big thanks to Mr S, who got there for the game and assisted in the coaching.  Ms Hansell and the girls appreciate it.


Junior A's

Hammondville 6 – 0 Holsworthy

WOM – Lanah

A great start to the season girls.  You stuck to our game plan and it paid off.  Two goals to Lanah, one from the length of the field run.  Keep communicating with each other on the field and work on keeping ‘connected'.  Well done girls!


Junior B's

Hammondville 4 – 0 Holsworthy

WOM - Sabrina

What a fantastic start to the season.  For a lot of you it was your first ‘Soccer' match, and what a match it was. You all listened to instructions from Ms Hansell and responded and remembered throughout the game.  Working on keeping our ‘shape' (triangle), and keeping connected you showed improvements in the second half.  Our next goal is to spread out and use the whole field not just the middle.  Well done to Sabrina ‘Women of the Match', for her hard hitting defence and speed in attack.


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