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Softball (Girls)

2016 T-Ball / Softball Results

Round T-Ball Softball
1 Friendly Friendly
2 Hammondville 18
Marsden Rd 9
Hammondville 10
Marsden Rd 9
3 Hammondville 12
Holsworthy 4
Holsworthy 8
Hammondville 4 
4 Hammondville 13
Sackville St 4
Hammondville 15
Sackville St 6
8 Hammondville 21
Holsworthy 13
Holsworthy 10
Hammondville 15
9 Hammondville 15
Opposition 5
Hammondville 9
Opposition 1



Round 9

Great games and great sportsmanship displayed by our girls showing the opposition the correct way to conduct themselves on the field and encouraging each other. I had the pleasure of watching the t-ballers this week and they are great to watch. All fielders in the team work very well together to get that ball to first base and the outfielders do a wonderful job at backing up. Communication has improved and the whole team now knows where to throw the ball for each play. A special mention goes to TeAira and Emily for their mammoth home runs. Well done girls!


Round 8 

This week we played Holsworthy, which were very tough competition for a first game of summer PSSA return. Juniors handled it with ease and showed the opposition that we are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The seniors just fell short in this game, but they definitely gave them a run for their money. They handled themselves very well under the pressure of a fast pitcher and special mention to Cadence who was able to actually hit the ball! I also want to praise Mia for some great (sneaky) base running. Well done girls. Great start!


Round 4 

Winners all around this week and our girls are definitely looking in fine form. All girls are putting in an awesome effort and I am very proud in the way they are conducting themselves as representatives of our school.

As I was umpiring the seniors this week, I got to see them dominate on the field. It was quite a slow game, due to lack of accurate pitching, so there is not much to mention about batting. However, our girls showed some great skill in running bases. Well done to Jasmine and Sophie who encouraged the girls to have the confidence to steal some bases. Tiaan had her first turn at playing catcher and did a wonderful job, quick moving and alert at all times. It was nice to hear the girls encouraging each other, especially Mia from the right field. 

The T-ball girls also had a cracker of a game and, according to them, really had fun playing with the girls from Sackville St. Luckily, we had some parents watching the game who were able to report some positive highlights in the game. We had a great catch from Jessica H, which is fantastic to see that the girls are moving towards the ball and not waiting for it to come to them. Also some big hits from the girls resulting in a homerun for TeAira and Emily M. 

Well done Hammo, so proud!


Round 3

Our first opportunity to train and this definitely reflected on our games this week. The girls ran onto the field confidently, keen to show off their skills. Both teams showed great teamwork by supporting everyone, on the field and while batting. 

The junior t-ball team played fantastically and definitely showed off their skills to prove they are tough competition. Kaitlyn in the pitchers position picked up most of the hits with Jessica H to back her up if any passed. They then swiftly passed it to Meredith or TeAira at first base, who were ready and barely let the ball pass them. This all worked like clockwork, making us unbeatable on the field. Well done to Jordan, Emily and TeAira for some big hits in batting too.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the senior softball game as I was umpiring the juniors. It was a slow game, due to a few injuries, which meant they didn't get to finish two innings. The score didn't reflect how well the girls worked together. We had Carys and Joyce having a go at pitching this week and they did a great job, swapping over as they wished. In training, we have been working on moving towards the ball rather than waiting for it to come. The girls took on this advice and have been clearly better out in the field. 

I am highly impressed by the enthusiasm of all the girls this year and I am proud to be their coach. Let's hope it continues!


Round 2

This week was our first game that counted and both teams rose to the challenge. We played Marsden Rd and Hammondville proved that they are going to be strong competition. All girls gave their best efforts, displayed great sportsmanship and were always willing to listen to advice to improve. Keep it up!